Water to the Sea

wind power farm on the coastal mud flat in sunrise


The Brief

Find an expression, an idiom, a cliche, etc…and use it as a literal impetus for the play.
Perhaps write a play about an apple standing at the gate and fighting a doctor?
Perhaps a monologue by one patch of grass, envyingly looking at another’s greenness?
Perhaps a tree trying desperately to tell a dog barking at it – that he is not the tree he’s looking for?
Two peas discussing the meaning of life… in their pod?
A shop in which customers have to pay with their arms and legs?
The life of a silver lining, having to be attached to a cloud they despise?
An it, who can only tango after taking two paracetamols?
I can go on all day!


The Excerpt


(inhales his cigarette and then blowing a perfect series of smoke rings a la the Caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland)

It all seems so pointless, do you see? Like carrying buckets of water to the sea. One drop and then another, one wave and then a dozen more, and on, and on, and nothing changes, nothing grows.


(blows another series of smoke rings)

I look in the mirror and I see myself reflected back, and if I look more closely, look into my own eyes, I see my own reflected reflection. I search for purpose and find only algae and plankton, as if I live only to keep my section of the ocean free of tiny things.


To Read the Entire Play

Click Here: 1902.25.Water to the Sea

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