The Brief

So write stream-of-conciousness, and let the words flow, including all the, uhms… and ooohs… and arghs… and anything else that your brain might… hold on, there’s a arm with the…uhm, who is he pointing at? I mean, can I really even be as a … what’s it called? Uhm… Off! Argh! I forgot what he’s.. uhm… you know, the… oh, never mind. I guess it must be because of the… Sorry. I’m back! I mean, just get busy and let the words flow.


Write a monologue that’s all coming straight from your head without any censorship. Perhaps be brave and write about yourselves, or be less self-indulgent and write about a friend’s story (though keep it all first person).


The Excerpt

But now… now I’m not even hungry before I’m absorbed. So now, I have to set reminders to drink protein shakes so I can take morning meds, and then to eat lunch and then to have snacks, only I just had dental work and mouth is still all weird so I can’t chew much and I’m so sick of mushy things – there are no good mushy snacks that don’t require being spread on crunchy snacks!!!

And fanfic – this epic Star Trek: The Next Generation fanfic  – this Data/OFC romance that I’ve been working on for a decade now – is my escape. I write it between the stuff that’s real. I write it when I can’t focus on the sort stories I’m supposed to be polishing or the flash fic I’m supposed to be collecting or the podcast that literally only two people listen to.


To Read the Entire Play

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