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The Brief

How frustrating is it when you have to deliver something to a deadline, only to realise afterwards what you could have done better.
So this is your opportunity to re-do a challenge. Pick any of the previous 26 challenges we've done, and write a NEW play following that brief.
I bet you've thought of a few better ideas since sending in your first version.
But don't just re-do the play you did - it has to be a completely different concept!


I chose the “TLC” Brief. You can read the details and my original submission here.


The Excerpt


Yes! Yes, exactly. Like, for me, my tree, it might be a willow… or maybe an aspen. But for you, it might be a salt pine or maybe even a beech tree.


Can it be a copper beech, like in that Sherlock Holmes story?


Copper? I don’t know. Maybe. The thing is… you have to find your tree. And I have to find mine. And until you do, a relationship between us can’t work.


Wait… you’re breaking up with me because you have to go find your tree?


Yeah… I have to find my tree. And you have to find yours.


To Read the Entire Play

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