Hope it Gives You Halal

Organic Falafel Stand - NYC Street Fair - 9-1-12


The Brief

Today I’ll give you the opening line – you just have to do the rest!

And here it is:


“Get your filthy hand off me, JJ, the falafel is burning and after what your ferret did to the doctor, I think you have a lot of explaining to do!”


Make the play as long or as short as you like!

Use as many or as few actors as you like!

In other words, do what you like!


Bonus points if you end the play with the following line:

“If I see your red-tailed donkey in the shopping centre one more time, I’ll send the geese to eat your kids.”


The Excerpt

FATIMA:        (angry) Well, Mama isn’t here now. (realizing, quietly) And Daddy isn’t either. Oh, Jay, I miss them, too. Mama can’t come back to us, ever, but at least Daddy is alive and well and not in ICE custody like so many others. And at least they left us a way to pay the bills.

Fatima peers through the window and determines that those final customers have left. She kills the lights in the parking lot and turns off the OPEN sign.

FATIMA:        Go bus those last couple of tables, will you, and I’ll shut down in here, and then we can go home. Kevin’s making chili tonight.

JJ:                     (brightly) No leftover shawarma?

FATIMA:        (affectionately) No leftover shawarma.


To Read the Entire Play

Click Here: 1902.17 – Hope it Gives You Halal