(Oh So) Quiet Conversations



The Brief

So from one end of the world to another…

And as I’m on my way to the Nordics, myself, what better time to respond to someone who, in my own personal eyes, is one of the few people I can call a true contemporary artist.

From the Sugarcubes all the way to Utopia, Björk has been an artist who hasn’t just re-defined herself, she has re-defined her art – constantly pushing the boundaries of what art can do, how it relates to the artist, to her audience and to the world.

So to celebrate her 53rd birthday back in November, your task for today is to pick one of her songs (musically or lyrically), or one of her albums, or one of her videos, or one of her costumes/masks, or one of her interviews – and to respond that that.

And do something different with your play. Change the format. Don’t make it look like all of your other plays. Make this one stand out and look strange and odd and quirky and cool…

Björk deserves all the respect we give her – so for bonus point – make her shine! Make her the star.

And for those of you who don’t believe that bonus points are real… oh they’re real.

If you collect 833 bonus points, you can exchange them in March for 832 bonus points! It’s a bargain! But be warned – if you collect too many, they may melt.


The Excerpt

ANNA            So, anyway, he’s a med student at State and he asked me out, but… I don’t know. I’m not sure I want to go.

JEN:                You don’t want to go out with a future doctor? Why not? Is he ugly? Does he have hairy thumbs? Halitosis?

ANNA:            No, I just… I think I’m into him. (She points to MUSICIAN)

JEN:                The piano player?

ANNA:            He writes his own stuff. Did you know?

JEN:                All I’ve ever heard him play is old jazz and lame covers of Bjork tunes.

ANNA:            He plays more than that, really.

JEN:                (observing) He is kinda cute, in that scruffy artsy way.

ANNA:            See…

JEN:                But he’s a musician.

To Read the Entire Play

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