Crustacean Oscillation



The Brief…

So lets do something else.

Lets write a play without logic… without cause and effect and without reactions.

But can it still make some sort of sense (or is all sense attributed to logic)?

Can it still be dramatically interesting (or is all dramatic interest attributed to reactions)?

Is it even possible to make a good play without psychological interpretation?

Well – that’s for you to figure out.


The Excerpt

JEANNIE:      Claude.

THOMAS:       Beef Barley?

JEANNIE:      No.

THOMAS:       Italian Wedding Soup?

JEANNIE:      No.

A little girl walks across the stage and pauses.

GIRL:              Chicken and Stars.

The little girl continues across the stage.

THOMAS:       Chicken and Stars.

JEANNIE:      Chicken and Stars. Yes.


To Read the Entire Play…

Click here: 1902.09 – Crustacean Oscillation