Objects in Mirror



The Brief

So it’s time for an autobiography! Time to tell our stories. Perhaps you believe you have a funny one… or perhaps yours is tragic… or perhaps it’s boring… or perhaps… as my pre-brief suggested … it’s simply pointless!
Either way – put it in a play (I think that can be the next 28 Plays Later slogan)

Our lives… as eventful or boring as the may be… have been going on for a long time. I think this challenge calls for a saga.
I expect many, many scenes… I expect many, many characters – some leads… some walk-ons.


The Excerpt

WRITER runs a hand through her hair messing up her already frazzled messy bun.


But the thing is, Madeleine L’Engle was right when she said that the Judao-Christian God was literally MADE of Story, then if humans are made in God’s image, we’re made of Story too, so if you want to know me, the best way to know who I am, is through the stories I tell.

WRITER turns to leave, then pauses on the edge of the spotlight’s circle of illumination and steps back into the light.


Bribing me with dark chocolate and frou-frou coffee have also been known to work.


To Read the Entire Play

Click Here: 1902.23 – Objects in Mirror