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Word Ninja, Bathtub Mermaid, and More.

I make stuff up. And collect dogs.

I do it for a living, and I do it because I love it, but either way, I make stuff up.

Sometimes the stuff I make up doesn’t have my name on it, because, like a ninja who uses words instead of weapons, I’m slowly taking over the Internet with all the copy I provide to different websites. Oh, sure, they add SEO enhancements, but the writing’s mine, even if you don’t know it.

Sometimes I make stuff up in print. And sometimes I play characters in audio improv or scripted audio dramas.

I write fiction and essays and I edit fiction, and essays, and blog posts and lots of other stuff.

But the bottom line is, I make stuff up.

I am Melissa, but family friends have called me “Miss Meliss” forever, and I like the way it sounds. Alliteration is awesome.

I am a bathtub (and swimming pool) mermaid. Born in the August heat (8/17/1970 – my wishlist is here), I have a LEO roar (and the mane to go with it) but I’m most creative when I’m splishing and splashing. My bathtub is an altar to my inner goddess, the pool is my favorite play-place. The ocean is my spiritual home.

I’m a also a word ninja, much of my paid work is on websites – lots of websites – without any attribution. I AM the Internet.

I’ve been in love with words for longer than I can remember. I sing. I play the cello. I am a dog person (cats make me itch and sneeze). I’m not a morning person unless I’m at the shore; then I wake and sleep with the tides.

I love the sun and worship the moon.

My politics are progressive and liberal. My faith is broad, but personal. When I go to church I favor the Episcopalians and the Unitarian Universalists. Lately, more of the former, but it changes.

Coffee is my higher power, but tea (Earl Grey, Lapsang Souchong, Irish Breakfast, Spearmint) is my writing brew.

I like dark chocolate, pink wine, imported (and micro-brew) beers, and Mexican Coca-Cola.

I do not like liver or bok choy.

I am a voracious reader.

I once wanted to be a jockey; yes, I know how to ride horses.

I once wanted to be a dancer; my muscles remember more of that than my brain does.

I am short, curvy, feisty, and mercurial.

I live in Texas with one husband, two computers, three dogs (plus a rotating foster) and more books than I care to count, and yes, I’ve read them all.

My professional website now redirects to this one. Having eight thousand pages got too complicated.
My book blog can be found at Bibliotica
I am on the editorial staff of All Things Girl.

To contact me, feel free to email melissa AT missmeliss.com, or leave a comment on any post in this blog.

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  1. Just wanted to say hi, and that I enjoyed your discussion on Upside Down and Halfway to Happyland :)


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