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Contact Information:
If you’d like me to make stuff up for you, play a character, or edit stuff that YOU made up please send me an email: melissa [at] melissabartell [dot] com.

If you’d like to send a personal note, please leave a comment on any post. You can also email my personal address (hint, it’s Melissa at MissMeliss dot com) but I’d prefer the comment option.

You can also find me on Facebook and Twitter and even Pinterest.

Comment Policy:
My comment policy is fairly simple: you don’t have to register, but you must provide your name and a valid email address in order to comment. All comments are screened. Your first comment will not be posted until I approve it. Once one comment has been approved, you’ll usually be able to post more without being screened.

If you are obviously a spammer, your comment will NEVER be published, so don’t waste both our time. If you are here from a corporation, but I like what you said and it’s relevant, I may choose to post it, but I may remove your link. This is a personal site, and as such, I have no obligation to publish anything that is offensive to me.

Any questions, see the Contact Information at the top of this page.


One thought on “Contact Info & Comments Policy

  1. I’d like to use your photo and write-up about St. Joseph’s Episcopal Church in Grand Prairie, TX. I have a pen I’ll be putting on eBay from my Dad’s collection and all it says is:
    “I helped Rebuild St. Joseph’s Episcopal Church – Grand Prairie, Texas”
    The pen appears to be from the 1950’s.
    Dad (Harry Wiebe) passed away this year and I’ve been selling off his collection one item at a time. The history behind these items is so fascinating!
    Dave (WeeBeePens)

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