Dead Rock Stars



The Brief

So this week is all about the magnificent BBC Radio, with a particular eye on writing for audiences.

Today you will have a choice between BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 2

BBC Radio 1 – “Where it Beings” – this station is aimed at an audience aged 15-29, playing mainstream music, with a focus on entertainment and music that is “the sound of now”. About 4,000 new songs are played every month. It also includes news, documentaries and advice for young adults.

BBC Radio 2 – “The Home of Great Music” – this station is aimed at an audience aged 35-55, mixing all genres of music, current and oldies, covering things from live concerts to religious output and social action campaigns.

You can also choose Radio 1Xtra – a digital station aimed at an audience aged 15-24, that plays contemporary Hip Hop and RnB with a strong emphasis on new and live music.


The Excerpt


Yes, you do. You do it all the time. Every time there’s some dead-rock-star song on the radio, you do it.


(growing exasperated)

Jill, I honestly have no idea what you’re talking about.


JILL returns her seat to its upright position in as passive-aggressive a manner as is possible.

You… were just doing it in the car, and you did it in the grocery store. You… you bop around and act cute, like you want people to see you, and it’s horribly embarrassing and you do it on purpose!


‘Bop around and act cute?’


Yeah, you know… dancing to the radio while driving. Dancing to the music in the store. But never the good music. Like this station… seriously… dead rock stars is all they play…


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