Blood Moon and Endless Summer



The Brief

Today you will have a choice between BBC Radio 5 Live and BBC Radio 6 Music

BBC Radio 5 Live – “Live news and live sport”. With regular news updates every half hour, this is where any breaking news will first be broadcast. It also dedicates 35% of its scheduling to sport, either as live coverage or for discussion-led show.


BBC Radio 6 Music – The station describes itself as, “the cutting edge music of today, the iconic and groundbreaking music of the past 40 years and unlimited access to the BBC’s wonderful music archive”. It is also the only station giving DJs full control over what they are playing. Commerciality doesn’t come into it, and the DJs are highly regarded by their listeners as experts, as are the listeners by the DJs.


For bonus points – Sports and alternative culture – now there’s a combination of a play I’d love to see!


The Excerpt

Yeah, me too. Or with my dad, when we’d go fishing on weekends.


I miss fishing trips. We should go sometime.


… and we’re deep into game five of the 2018 world series, and it’s the bottom of the fifteenth, and something… something weird is happening to the crowd… they’ve stopped screaming “batter, batter,” and are moaning for… brains…



Did he say what I think he said?






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