The Brief

Not sure why, but I’ve gone all nautical the last few days in my emails to you, so it seems appropriate that we use that for our first brief.

Ships, boats, water, blue, salt, sea, waves anything to do with this magnificent force.

Let’s start off easy (this is only the first challenge after all) – so write the play in the style you feel most comfortable in.


The Excerpt

Ordinary humans are told to drink 8 glasses of water a day, but that’s assuming eight-ounce glasses. Me? There are days when eight gallons barely quench my thirst. My husband makes good money, and my patreons on my podcast keep me in spending money, but you don’t want to know what our water bill is like. Some days… some days the ice machine can’t even keep up with me when it’s set to ‘party mode.’


To read the entire play…

Click here: 1901.31 – Parched