Sparks Fly



The Brief

Yes… it’s Chinese New Year.

So let’s take some inspiration from this magnificent culture and New Year’s traditions.

I’m expecting sea monsters, stove gods, red envelopes, upside-down fortunes, swans, lanterns and obviously – a pig!

For the linguaphiles out there, maybe find a few Chinese words and incorporate them in the play. “Mandarin or Cantonese?” Dealer’s choice!

Oh, and it’s bad luck on Chinese New Year’s to use negative words or to cry and to fight – so make the plays cheerful!

For bonus points, write something for a large cast – no more monologues and dialogues!


The Excerpt:

BOY 3:            I heard that our parents go outside the dome to save us from Space Dragons. They fly down to the surface of the moon from outside the Asteroid Belt and wait until after Earthrise to attack!

GIRL 3:           That’s not funny!

BOY 3:            It’s not supposed to be. (makes his hands into claws) RAWR I’m a Space Dragon!

TEACHER:     (clapping hands for attention) Children…!

MEI LING:     Actually, dragons are a part of lunar new year. But in our culture the dragons symbolize nobility, strength, and good fortune, and when we do the dragon dance, we are driving away evil spirits.


To Read the Entire Play

Click here: 1902.04 – Sparks Fly