Max and Margo



The Brief

Pick a number! Any number (as long as it’s between 1-60)

“What? Magic?! No way, dude!”

No! No magic! I don’t like magic! Unless it’s the magic that comes out of your magical fingers as you type today’s genius play!

No… just pick a number, any number (as long as it’s between 1-60)

Don’t you trust me? Just trust me. It’s not magic. I swear.

Just pick it.

The number.

Any number (as long as it’s between 1-60).


Now… check the link below

Don’t cheat! First pick the number and only then look at the link.


Good, now find the corresponding thing to your number and write about that!

Go wild!

For bonus points – incorporate the number with the corresponding thing and marry them into something uniquely extraordinary


The Excerpt

The number I picked was 19, by the way.

CHARLIE:      I was thinking tomorrow.

MAX:              Your mom’s making pot roast tomorrow, isn’t she.

CHARLIE:      Well… she claims it’s pot roast.

MAX:              (to MARGO) Charlie’s mom is the worst cook. Everything she makes tastes like cardboard. But her pot roast? Her pot roast tastes like regurgitated cardboard.

MARGO:        Oh, gross! (to CHARLIE) You, know, I think it would be better for your health if you had Mongolian beef tonight and stuck to mac-n-cheese tomorrow.

KENT:            And this is why we love Margo. She has much wisdom.

MAX:              Yup. That’s why I love Margo.


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