Birthday Girl (An Alternate Basil & Zoe Story)



The Brief

Gods and devils,

Today we shall fight the battle over the souls of the people! Or at least one person!

Today we are writing a morality play.

Normally, you will have God on the right, the Devil on the left, and an everyman character in the centre.

Lots of other representation will try to persuade them to do the right thing.

But… and this is the big question – what is good? And what is evil?

For some inspiration, here is the text of Everyman – the archetypical morality play:


This is your opportunity to push your agenda!


The Excerpt

METHOS:       You’re a kid.

ZOE:               I’m legal. I’m also the daughter of one of the most famous composers in the Coalition’s history. And I’m a bad-ass cellist. I thought you and Basil talked. You should know that.

METHOS:       He said he coached classical.

ZOE:               I play everything.

METHOS:       (eyeing her) You’re pretty enough. And you kept your cool in the bar. But there are two problems with this scenario little girl. First, I don’t do virgins. And second, I don’t do virgins who are stuck on my brother.

ZOE gets off the bed and crosses the room, invading METHOS’s personal space. She presses herself against him, sliding her hands up his chest. He’s a synth. Stronger than human. He resists. She presses her knee against him.

ZOE:               Two things you’re missing in this scenario, silver-guy. First, I’m not a virgin. And second, I’m not stuck on your brother.


To Read the Entire Play…

Click here: 1902.08 – Birthday Girl