W is for…

* * *

Water: I never drink enough. I don’t know how other people manage it. One glass and I feel nauseous – water is so heavy and it just sits there in your system. Also, it’s disgusting unless it’s very very cold, but has no ice. I don’t like ice.

Water-wings: Puffy. Orange. Psychological. Anyone who actually thinks those inflatable arm bands keep you from drowning is just cracked (and it says as much on the packaging, albeit in better language). Still, I remember wearing them, with blue plastic swim-fins, balancing on the tips of the fins in the deep end of a friend’s pool, or without the fins, as I frolicked in the cool blue Atlantic during summers when I was a child.

Work: They like the idea of keeping me on as a contract-processor after the move. Yippee. It might serve to be more lucrative. It might not, but at least I’ll have that as a backup.

Wishes: I want to sell the house quickly. I want to move quickly. It’s not /quite/ a seller’s market here, and I’m told it’s a buyer’s market in Texas. This is good. I just wish everything was happening YESTERDAY. (Patience is not one of my virtues this year.)

Water (again): We’re refilling the pool; the grass is wet from the sprinklers, and I’m craving a bubble bath.