E is for…

* * *

Eyrie Drive: The first apartment my mother and I lived in, perched on this street above the New Jersey side of New York Harbor, in Atlantic Highlands. I remember them building bulkheads to shore up the cliffside, and that our neighbors had such bad erosion that there was a gap with a severe drop between their back door and back deck.

The apartment, which we called the Eagle’s Nest, was slate grey outside, but all I remember about inside was a sense of cozy safety and a really big bathroom, and making sand candles.

And the eerie sound of foghorns, but that’s for another entry.

D is for…

* * *

“Defying Gravity” – the show-stopping number from Wicked that was performed at the Tony Awards last night. Really wish I hadn’t missed that show when it was in SFO before it went to NYC. Completely impressed by it – loved the book as well.

Dreams: I’ve been having vivid ones, recurring scenes where a homeless man is my guide, of sorts. He reminds me of Christopher Lloyd, as the Reverend Jim from Taxi, of all people. I never hear him speak, but I know he is leading me toward good things.

Dallas: I’m becoming more and more intrigued with that city. More on that another time.

Dogs: Zorro and Cleo have banded together to make sure I stay sane and feel loved. It’s almost summer, and they’re clingier than usual. Puppy kisses make everything better.

Days: There aren’t enough hours in one. It’s completely unfair that blogging and scribbling aren’t paying jobs :)