Insert Catchy Title Here

It’s 4:45 in the morning, and I haven’t got a cool title to use, or much coherence at all, but I’m antsy and can’t sleep, so may as well write something.

I’ve been in a chemically imbalanced mood all week, not sure if it’s PMS or just the season changing, or stress…probably it’s all three. Was exhausted by eight, but once I got to the bedroom could NOT relax, watched Mythbusters, and finished the skin-of-the-moment for my book blog, but was too unfocussed to enjoy either, and even my AlphaBytes post for the letter E was too short, and not what I wanted.

I had some Kahlua and cream, hoping the alcohol would relax me just enough to slip into sleep, but no, all it did was dehydrate me, and make my faint queasiness less faint. And now, four hours later, I’m awake, parched, and sitting here writing inane things while trying to force myself to drink water.

Note to self: Invest in mineral water. At least the bubbles cure the queasiness, and you can mix it with cranberry juice.

TMI Stuff below.
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