I managed to create my very own blog skin for MT, and you can go look at it by clicking here, but when I copy and paste it into THIS blog, it utterly fails to work, which I don’t understand at ALL because it’s the SAME installation of MT.


So, yeah, an evening completely wasted.


Today, we took Zorro and Cleo to the park, and let them run around a bit. Cleo is woefully out of shape, and still has issues being away from me (if we’re all out together, Cleo has to be where I am), and Zorro gets tangled in leashes a lot, because he has absolutely no sense of his own space.

Still, nothing is cuter than a happy dog, racing across an expanse of grass in the afternoon sun, and then jumping up and down with excitement when they are told they’re GOOD.

Of course, we forgot to bring them water. Or rather, we brought water, but not anything to serve it in, so we didn’t stay long, because they got parched really quickly.

And now, lazy beasties that they are, they’re flopped, Cleo in my denim chair, Zorro on a towel underneath the chair, both snoring happily and dreaming little dog dreams.

The Day After Tomorrow

Friday’s in my business are either calm or chaotic, never in-between. Today was both calm and chaotic, but in small bursts only, so even though I was in the office until 4:30, when I was scheduled to leave at 1:00, it wasn’t a bad day.

I nearly came to blows with an underwriter, but finally just ended the call to keep from reaching through the phone and throttling her. Strangely, she must have sensed her reprieve, because not five minutes later, she faxed over a clean approval.

I took a nap after dinner, because we had tickets to the 10:25 PM showing of The Day After Tomorrow, and I have a nasty habit of falling asleep in movies if I get bored. The nap was helpful, but I was never bored with this film – weather and natural disasters are always so compelling for me, and this had both.

The effects were awesome, the story, frighteningly plausible, and while I don’t wish to spoil anything, it must be said that I was relieved that there were no ID-4-ish plot-holes like interfacing a Mac with an alien spaceship.

I was disappointed, only, in that the rain from this morning was gone by late afternoon, because it would have made the evening perfect if I’d been able to step from the theater into cold rainy weather. (I’ve said before that I’m always slightly disoriented after weather movies, when I step outside and the weather doesn’t “match”)

Also, the popcorn didn’t have enough butter (well, okay, it’s not butter, but we call it butter so we don’t have to think about what it really is.)

I’m not a fan of animation, really, but I liked the first Shrek enough to actually consider seeing the second this weekend.

But right now, it’s almost two-thirty in the morning, and my eyes are becoming gluey.

Bed calls.

Sidebar Sadness

Astute readers may have noticed that my blogroll hasn’t been showing up for several days. This is because I was a day late renewing my blogrolling account, and now, even though I can create multiple NEW blogrolls, they still haven’t re-enabled the blogrolls that were disabled.

If I was previously linked to you, and no longer appear to be, please let me know.


Pouting Gets You Nowhere.

Zorro is pouting.

Zorro has been pouting since last night, when we brought home pizza as part of our dinner, and then refused to give him any, until after he’d finished his dinner.

Please understand…Zorro and Cleo are not plebian dogs, forced to exist on bland kibble and water that comes from the tap. Oh no! Zorro and Cleo have hand-cut chunks of meat and bone delivered to their front door on alternate Wednesdays. A cooler full of it: chicken, pork, lamb, ostritch, turkey, and pureed vegetables and offal twice a week for roughage and essential vitamins.

So, you’d think, that given the choice between, say, pureed turkey mixed with lots of green leafy things, or dry, icky, pizza crust, he’d go for option a.

Well, you’d think that if you don’t own a dog.

But if you do, you’ll understand how frustrating it is when your eight-pound chihuahua refuses to eat his own food because he has seen the Magic Cardboard Box that the pizza lives in.

(Cleo doesn’t have as much of a taste for people-food. She never has these issues.)

You’d think that after 24 hours, Zorro would have stopped pouting about this. Especially since he ultimately received some pizza crust.

You’d be wrong.

You see, I had macaroni and cheese tonight, and my dog flips for cheese.

And I wouldn’t let him lick the dish when I was done, because that’s just…iewwww. (Also, it leads to messy ‘presents’ being left in the laundry room.)

So, he’s pouting.
He gives me that slitty-eyed look when I walk by.
And even though he’s in the room with me as I write this, he’s pointedly ignoring me, and finding endless fascination in the grooming of his toes.

And even though he’s insanely cute when he does this…

He’s not getting my chocolate chip cookie.

(No, he really isn’t. Chocolate is toxic to dogs, and one of the foods that sometimes triggers seizures in epileptic animals.)

It made me really appreciate my own mother.

Over the past few weeks I found myself absorbed in Bravo’s reality series, “Showbiz Moms…and Dads,” watching it even though I knew the parents would annoy me, and I’d have unquenchable urges to lecture the children. I’m almost embarrassed to admit I watched every episode, but the truth is, it was vastly entertaining.

There are message boards that do a far better job than I could, of showing the number of people who watch these things, and I was relieved to find that they, too, had the same issues I did.

I’m bringing this up because I forgot to mention it in response to this weeks Thursday Threesome, which was all about TV.

Also, I wanted to put it in writing: This show made me appreciate my own mother. Sure, she’s insane, but, in a GOOD way.

T3: Beginnings, Middles, and Ends

::Beginnings, Middles and Ends::

Onesome- Beginnings: Are there any television shows out there that you’ve watched regularly from the very beginning? Or for those of you not into TV, any book authors that you’ve read from the very beginning?
I don’t watch a lot of TV, and the shows I do tend to be quirky rather then trendy, at least at first. Over the last year, I’ve become addicted to The West Wing and Crossing Jordan, I can’t say that I watched Buffy from episode one, but I started watching it the summer after the first season, when they aired all the first season episodes, and then launched into season 2. I was sad to see that go, briefly, but not hugely so. I mean – it’s a television show, you know? I watched Angel from the beginning. I watched ST:TNG, DS9, and Voyager from the beginning, and Enterprise, but I stopped watching the last.

Twosome- Middles: What about shows that you came into in the middle of the season but immediately grabbed your attention and turned you into a die-hard fan? Again, for non-TV fans, have you ever begun reading a series of books in the middle and then just had to read everything else in the series?

See above: The West Wing, Crossing Jordan, and Monk are three of them.

Threesome- And Ends: Recently, a number of big name shows have ended, Friends, Fraiser, The Drew Carey Show, and the cult hit, Angel. Did you watch any of the big finales? Have you ever been really sad to see a show go? Ok, readers, here’s one for you. Have you ever read the end of a book first? Why? ;)

I watched the last ep of Friends, more by accident than by choice. I wasn’t feeling well, and I didn’t want to watch anything dark or violent…that was the only choice. I watched the last ep of Angel, intentionally. LOVED the last line. The only show I really really wish had stayed on longer was Forever Knight. But it’s still just tv.

I’ve ignored the reading questions, as the series I’ve read are way too numerous to list in terms of when I found them. And no, I never read the end first. That would be cheating.

* * *
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MT & Me

Mena at Six Apart has asked people to write “non-emotional posts” about how they use Movable Type, and send a trackback ping to a post on that site. Technically, I suppose that makes this a meme.

I’m a self-proclaimed domain slut. Across four domains, I have three weblogs (although, I tend to write journal entries, not blog entries), on this site (Uber-Caffeinated, my main journal, a fiction journal, a photoblog), I have my bookblog on another site, I maintain a journal site for my mother, and I maintain a collaborative journal with four or five friends. I also maintain the MT installation for a friend, though I don’t own his site. So if you add up all the authors, there are at least twelve, and while I noted that in MT terms “weblog” = “instance of MT used to create one site, even if it’s from multiple subblogs” and not “individual blog” (so the three journals on could count as one if I merged them into one output page, because they’re all running on ONE instance of MT), there are still more than the max number of blogs.

Still, I’ve paid for the smallest personal use license, and have migrated the collab and one of my other sites to WordPress, which I don’t like as well, though I think it has some spiffy features (post by email).

The thing is, I LIKE MT. I find it intuitive, and not too techy unless one wishes it to be.

M – my name is…

Friday afternoon at work I spoke to someone who had a rather unique first name, spelled in a truly original fashion. Jyneice (which I would have spelled G-i-n-i-s-e) and I broke from our regular conversation to chat about the fact that she didn’t like her name, and I told her I never liked mine.

Sunday night, I was mulling this over, and I wrote the following, longhand, because being at the computer was bothering my eyes.
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So, I’ve upgraded to MT-3.0. So far, I like the interfac – it’s a bit different, but, I can’t afford a six-author license right now, so ETC may have to go away, or be reconfigured or something.

Apologies to LJers if the RSS feeds get mangled. It’s not intentional.

Bed now.