It made me really appreciate my own mother.

Over the past few weeks I found myself absorbed in Bravo’s reality series, “Showbiz Moms…and Dads,” watching it even though I knew the parents would annoy me, and I’d have unquenchable urges to lecture the children. I’m almost embarrassed to admit I watched every episode, but the truth is, it was vastly entertaining.

There are message boards that do a far better job than I could, of showing the number of people who watch these things, and I was relieved to find that they, too, had the same issues I did.

I’m bringing this up because I forgot to mention it in response to this weeks Thursday Threesome, which was all about TV.

Also, I wanted to put it in writing: This show made me appreciate my own mother. Sure, she’s insane, but, in a GOOD way.