MT & Me

Mena at Six Apart has asked people to write “non-emotional posts” about how they use Movable Type, and send a trackback ping to a post on that site. Technically, I suppose that makes this a meme.

I’m a self-proclaimed domain slut. Across four domains, I have three weblogs (although, I tend to write journal entries, not blog entries), on this site (Uber-Caffeinated, my main journal, a fiction journal, a photoblog), I have my bookblog on another site, I maintain a journal site for my mother, and I maintain a collaborative journal with four or five friends. I also maintain the MT installation for a friend, though I don’t own his site. So if you add up all the authors, there are at least twelve, and while I noted that in MT terms “weblog” = “instance of MT used to create one site, even if it’s from multiple subblogs” and not “individual blog” (so the three journals on could count as one if I merged them into one output page, because they’re all running on ONE instance of MT), there are still more than the max number of blogs.

Still, I’ve paid for the smallest personal use license, and have migrated the collab and one of my other sites to WordPress, which I don’t like as well, though I think it has some spiffy features (post by email).

The thing is, I LIKE MT. I find it intuitive, and not too techy unless one wishes it to be.