Today, we took Zorro and Cleo to the park, and let them run around a bit. Cleo is woefully out of shape, and still has issues being away from me (if we’re all out together, Cleo has to be where I am), and Zorro gets tangled in leashes a lot, because he has absolutely no sense of his own space.

Still, nothing is cuter than a happy dog, racing across an expanse of grass in the afternoon sun, and then jumping up and down with excitement when they are told they’re GOOD.

Of course, we forgot to bring them water. Or rather, we brought water, but not anything to serve it in, so we didn’t stay long, because they got parched really quickly.

And now, lazy beasties that they are, they’re flopped, Cleo in my denim chair, Zorro on a towel underneath the chair, both snoring happily and dreaming little dog dreams.