Something to smile about

It’s been a DAY, which, I suppose, is not unusual for a Monday, but today I’m in a funk, partly due to having my plans for yesterday killed by reformatting, and partly because things are tense here.

While multitasking (waiting for copies to print, waiting for a scan to finish) I checked a webmail account that I use for, and found some lovely lovely feedback on the stuff I’d posted.

Feedback really is better than chocolate.

I is for…

* * *

Indigo was still the color of the sky when Fuzzy and I tumbled into bed in the wee hours of Sunday morning, after a day of puttering and shopping for books, but only just barely, for it was 4:00 in the morning, and within minutes, it seemed, the sky was almost day-bright.

Illusions of houses un-visited, people not yet met, and gardens only wished for filled my dreams, as I slept, surrounded by the comforting sounds of Fuzzy’s breathing, and the dogs’ equally comforting weight, as they inched closer to my body heat with every unconscious movement I made.

Idiotic was how I felt when I realized I, who should know better, who is anal about updating her antivirus software, managed to trigger Erkez.b sent from her mother, who traced it back to a cousin (or some such) of the President of Mexico. Gotta love the way connections flow in our family.

Irritated, was my mood a bit later, when my headache made me snappish with Fuzzy, who was only trying to help, and when I realized I couldn’t do any of the supposedly easy fixes to get rid of the virus without reformatting. But, the end result was a cleaner, spiffier hard drive, even if I did forget to print the page that has ALL my affordablehost passwords.

Insanely happy, was how I felt when the day had gone full circle, improved in the late evening by comfort food from Taco Bell, and an episode of Smallville on the DVD. Tucked into bed, surrounded by Fuzzy’s arms, my dogs guarding against any night terrors, I fell back into sleep, cradled, in my imagination, by a soft indigo sky.