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Update: When I said Monday or so? I meant a week from today, not today. Still, plans go forward.

Upheaval: I gave my boss 60-day notice today, and asked to be part of the process of hiring my replacement. I also offered to work on a contract basis, until he found someone, after the move, so he doesn’t have to retain someone on salary. I doubt he’ll go for it, but the idea’s been seeded.

Umbrellas: It’s not raining, or anything, but I was just thinking that I miss the umbrella I had when I was eight. It was clear, except for yellow trim at the ends of the …spokes? struts? Whatever. And the handle was curved, like a cane. I loved that umbrella. It was a bubble-style thing, and I could balance the center point on my head, and not have to hold it, and since it was clear, still see where I was going. It’s an image completely unrelated to anything in my life right now, but it’s a reminder of happy times, as well…splashing through puddles with my friends, as we walked home from the bus stop in wet weather, none of us wearing galoshes because, at eight, we were all much too old for that. (Note: wet keds are not comfortable, especially when worn with even wetter socks.)

UnMutter: 27 June 2004

I say… And you think…?

  1. Lounge:: lizard
  2. Photograph:: album
  3. Catacomb:: Paris Opera House
  4. Crucifix:: vampires
  5. Fire drill:: annoying
  6. Tube:: toothpaste
  7. Dropped:: at birth
  8. LTD:: corporation
  9. Panther:: black
  10. Formica:: countertop

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