UnMutter: 20 June 2004

I say… And you think … ?

  1. Abundance:: wealth
  2. Casino:: royale
  3. Shell:: seeker
  4. Overpriced:: schlock
  5. Cancellation:: inevitable
  6. Eternal:: flame
  7. Lyrics:: words
  8. Faith:: hope
  9. Because:: I said so.
  10. Wimp:: wuss

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O is for…

* * *

Omelettes. I love them. They’re not my favorite food, but they’re one of my favorite foods when I don’t know what I want. I’m not good at making them, either. I tend to end up with exotically flavored scrambled eggs, instead.

Odors – and not pretty ones – assaulted my nose when I entered the office building this morning. Tile glue is such a vile substance. Especially when there’s painting going on nearby. Ventilation is my friend.

Order…I need to make some out of all the STUFF we have, far too much of which we haven’t used in years. I keep telling Fuzzy, “If we haven’t used it in over two years, we don’t need it.” He keeps overruling me.

Ordinary. I feel that way today. Ordinary, unexciting, uninteresting. Oh, wait, I should save these words for when I do “U”…

Oh, well.