A is for…

* * *

A is for the ache in my throat and lungs when I woke up this morning, chilled, even though Fuzzy was fever-hot, and wrapped around me. It’s so rare that he’s sick enough to stay home…

Craving fruit, I went exploring in the fridge and found apples, which made me think of the episodes in The West Wing that mention apples and peanut butter as an official snack. I remember having that combination in pre-school, actually.

I also remember having fun with AlphaBits cereal in pre-school, and having a teacher who made us spell polysyllabic words with the sugar-coated letters, before we were allowed to eat them. Then again, I also used to try to find words in the letters of alphabet soup. Ahh, childhood. Funny macaroni and a bit of tomato base, and you were both fed and entertained.


We are now the proud owners of two window air-conditioners. The first has been set up in the bedroom window, the other will go into Fuzzy’s computer room, and between that and the fans we should be comfortable this summer.

We thought about putting in a/c, but neither of is in the mood for contractors to be here banging away inside the ductless walls and floors, or for the expense, just now.

And anyway, it really doesn’t get that hot for that long here. It’s just that the bedroom – our bedroom – only has windows on one side because it was an addition, and there’s no cross-ventilation, so it gets very very stuffy in the summer.

The window fan has helped a lot, but the a/c should allow me to have blissful summer sleep, this year.



* * *

Browsing through my blogroll yesterday, I found that someone mentioned a meme called AlphaBytes, in which participants write a series of 26 posts during the month of June, one for each letter of the alphabet. Now, I’m a meme-slut as much as I am a domain-slut, so of course I HAD to do it. Anyone who wants to participate is welcome to. The only other request from the folks who created it is that each AlphaByte post contains a link to their site.