T is for…

* * *

Tired: This is how I’ve felt all too often these past few months. I think it’s stress. Or maybe it’s just that I’m not eating right, and spending too much time at computers.

Tea: I’m equally in love with tea and coffee. I said once that one was my reading brew, and the other my writing brew, but that’s not quite accurate. Tea is my musing brew – it goes with long dream entries, some fiction (depends on the characters I’m writng), and reading mystery novels. Tea is what I drink when I’m writing long letters. Coffee is what I drink when I need my writing to be clear, concise, even incisive. (And judging by that sentence, I am NOT incisive right now, or I’d never have used three words that all mean the same thing.)

Tanzania Peaberry: My favorite kind of designer coffee. It’s made from a coffee bean that doesn’t split, and has 3.21 times the caffeine of most other brews. (Bean for bean, it has more caffeine than dark roasts used for espresso, actually, because “the darker the bean, the less caffeine.” But cup-for-cup espresso has more, because all espresso is, really, is dark roast, finely ground, then force-brewed really quickly at high pressure (hence the name).) If you’re a coffee drinker, and have never tried Tanzania Peaberry, do so. It tastes like a really creamy French roast, but without the bitterness inherent to French roast.

Texas: We’re moving there. I’d told friends that it would be about ninety days, and we won’t have an official timeline til Monday or so, but the reality is that it’ll be more like 60 days. (This is because I forgot the DATE when I said ninety days, and from now-ish to Sept 1 – our goal date – is more like 60). Speaking of which, there’s this cute house in San Jose’s Burbank district (west of Bascom) that really needs a new owner! (We’re officially listing it around 07/15.)

Time: There’s never enough of it, or when there is, it’s the wrong time for certain things. When I have time to write, I’m not inspired, and when I don’t have time, there are a trillion things I want to say.

Right now, though, I’m coming full circle. I’m tired. Time for bed.