T3: Capricious

::Capricious: Governed or characterized by impulse or whim, lacking rational basis or likely to change suddenly::

Onesome: Characterized by impulse– Do you consider yourself impulsive or do you tend to think everything through before you make a move?
I’m impulsive about some things, less so about others. When I met Fuzzy I knew he was THE ONE, for example, and I was that way about our condo and our house, but I agonize over other things.

Twosome: lacking rational basis– If you are impulsive, do you rationalize and justify your actions? Like, since that item you bought on a whim was on sale, you really saved money by buying it?
I did this recently, with the first two seasons of Smallville on DVD – I bought them when Fuzzy wasn’t looking then reminded him they’d been on his wishlist forever, and were ‘owed’ to him.

Threesome: or likely to change suddenly– When you make up your mind, does it stay made up or do you tend to change your mind at the last minute? …or do you waffle back and forth until you’re forced to decide?
I can be extremely mercurial. I vacillate about a lot of things, and then sometimes I just decide against something, seemingly on a whim. Pity my poor husband.

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