I set the skin aside for the rest of the weekend, came back to it today, and followed one of Sarah’s tips, and stuck the position stuff in the css rather than the hmtl, and, after some cursing, first at the graphics, and later at myself when I realized the problem was my typo of parentheses instead of curly braces, we have liftoff. Yes, this is my new summer cafe skin.

(And the change in art should not at ALL imply that I don’t love the various blogware that Sarah’s created for me, I just…get bored all too often.)

2 thoughts on “Success

  1. Glad you got it working! And the boredom factor is the entire reason I started creating my own blog layouts and then started designing for others *g* I think the longest I’ve ever had one layout up was a month, and even that was only because I challenged myself to keep it up there!

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