K is for…

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Kitchens: People always say that the kitchen is the heart of the home. I hate mine. It’s too small, and there’s not enough counterspace, and there should be light switches at both ends of the room. Also, I hate my stove, but that’s a story in and of itself.

My dream kitchen is large, bright, tiled, and has double wall ovens and a gas range. It also has enough room for several cooks to work at once. It does NOT have a television.

Kites: It’s a warm but windy evening, so windy that the picnic awning in the yard on the other side of our back fence is threatening to take flight, like a giant blue kite. I’m remembering trips to the beach with paper kites when I was a kid, and feeling a little wistful.

Keds: I know there was a line of Keds canvas sneakers that was re-introduced a couple years ago – Keds for adults – and I’m wishing for a pair now. My favorite shoes EVER were my red Keds. Comfortable, durable, and colorful. My favorite sneakers now are a pair of red Keds-like canfas sneakers by Cloudwalkers, but it’s just not the same. The toes are just a little too pointy, and the arch isn’t right.

In my wind-borne fantasy I’m wearing Keds while flying a Kite, and afterward, I’ll nibble Key Lime Pie while sitting in a glorious Kitchen.

How kitschy. :)

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