G is for…

* * *

Girasole, not my writing blog, but the word, the Italian word for “sunflower,” my personal icon. I don’t know what it is about those flowers…the sunny yellow color isn’t the only color they come in, just the most common – my favorite are blood red – but they make me feel peaceful, content, and happy. I think because we associate sunflowers with blue skies and warm breezes, they give me the mood-equivalent of a summery day.

Gnocchi – dumplings. I’m craving them. They’re one of the popular Italian foods I never make at home – too much WORK. I get a kick out of the way people mis-pronounce the word, because that funky Italian GN sound is a quirk that English-speaking tongues aren’t accustomed to – at least, not in the beginning of a word. I’ve heard it pronounced as Guh-nochhi, and Yonky among others. No matter what, it makes me smile.

Gravitation. In the sense of being pulled toward something, and not in the sense of actual physical scientific gravity…this is a word that’s resonating with me right now. I find myself gravitating toward books that describe places more than people. I find myself wanting to nest, to rebuild, to ground myself. I find myself wondering if the approaching solstice is affecting me, or if it’s two-year-itch.

Guarded. My main descriptor. I’m candid here, but cloaked as well. Is that possible? I have no problem writing about external things, but I’m not yet able to share the internal stuff. Not yet. Not quite yet. Someday.

Two AlphaBytes posts in a row because I’m behind.