B is for…

* * *

Bravo. We Americans tend to use the masculine form, no matter the gender of the person we’re lauding, so much so, that when I see someone using brava I’m always confused for a fraction of a second. A small fraction, but, still…

Bravo, the cable channel, is becoming my new favorite place to hang out on television. First it got me addicted to The West Wing, and the Cirque de Soleil, then it added Queer Eye, and the quasi-improvised relationship show, the name of which is escaping me just now.

Basking, is what I can’t wait to do this weekend: in the sun, in the pool, in the coolness of the now-air conditioned bedroom…really I’m not vegetating when I do this, because my mind is always working. The brain is cool that way.

Blogging. I don’t really think of this as a blog as much as it is a journal, because I don’t generally update more than once or twice a day. And I’m not just posting links. But a ship’s log is more than just notes about the weather, and therefore I use the term anyway.

Books. I’m back in a reading mood, and it’s sparked a new idea for how I want to log my reading (and blog my reading) from now on. I’m planning a new version of Zenitopia, and will unveil it later this weekend, I think.

Business is slow. The guys are asking me to cut my assistant’s hours (but we’ve already cut his number of days), and my fingers are crossed that he’ll do well at his interview because he’s my friend, and I’d rather have a happy, well-paid, friend than an unhappy assistant who is bored and cranky because right now we’re not busy enough.

And yet, on the horizon, business is starting to improve as we point our company in a new direction.

Change is good.