It’s Fuzzy’s Fault

…that I’m sitting here feeling like I’m burnt to a crisp because he came down with a nasty flu on Saturday, and, typical of him, didn’t medicate or rest or anything until his fever had already escalated to “lobster” hot.

This morning, I was fine, if a bit scratchy throated, until D and M got on the road heading west, and then I sat down at my desk in the living room, and could literally feel the flu attacking my system. I went from normal to 102 in less than three hours, and have since napped, faded in and out of quasi-nappage, been so cold that despite the fact that the temperature outside was above 85, I was bundled in flannel pajamas, socks, a t-shirt, and a fleece pullover, while underneath four layers of blankets and clutching a heating pad, and currently (even post cool shower) I feel so feverish that I would not be surprised if the flesh on my arms peeled away like the meat from the bone of a chicken leg.

Fuzzy is improving, and just went to fetch dinner as we have nothing illness friendly in the house. Me? I want to bathe in ice water but it would take too much effort.

3 thoughts on “It’s Fuzzy’s Fault

  1. Mmm, you caught the same plague I had, congrats. Actually, on a whim, I tried a really really hot shower, hot enough that it felt “warm” to me even with my high fever. I came out of the shower feeling ever so much better, it was a relief to feel as warm as I was. Consider it? *big snuggles* You likely won’t have an upset stomach but you won’t feel much like eating. If you can get to the store, grab Ensure. I also had good luck with Tylenol Cough and Sore Throat, if that symptom shows up. I grabbed Tylenol severe cold & flu as well, because I wasn’t sure if it was a bad cold or a moderate flu. Use what sounds good to you, ignore the rest. Enjoy that heating pad, sleep a lot, eat when you’re supposed to even if you don’t feel it, and lotsa water. It’ll be good. :)

  2. And get thee more pillows, you’ll want to sleep semi-sitting up if you find yourself coughing ferociously, you don’t want the phlegm pooling in your lungs if at all possible, let gravity help keep infection away. If it’s cold outside, wear a scarf over your face.

    Just trying to help. :)

  3. Oh man I totally feel you. I am scared to death of getting sick. My brother was sick a while back and I work with him everyday, then my roommates got sick, then my brother got sick again, then my roomies. All throughout this, I seemed to avoid it. I was taking airborne and zicam. Now though, I got a little sore throat. I am hoping that nothing else comes of it cause I really hate being sick. I hope that you feel better.


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