New Project for MissMeliss

My regular readers know that I often refer to my day job as making me feel like a paid hack, and while that’s mostly in jest, I do sometimes feel that I’m plodding along on a virtual treadmill, but with none of the benefit of exercise. Well, except for a paycheck.

When one of my favorite webzines, All Things Girl put out a call for new editors to help with some of the sections, recently, I contacted Deb, who lives in the next town, and whom I used to purchase MT skins from, and applied for the section I was most interested in.

I also reminded her that I hadn’t contributed in a while, and explained that I often felt my snarky/sarcastic/wry world view wasn’t always a good fit.

Deb is so amazing that she not only said I could have a humor column (think softly humorous observations, like Dave Barry, but with breasts), but gave me a Sr. Editor title, which basically means I help wherever she says I’m needed. I get to contribute reviews, be a third pair of proofreading eyes, and help generate buzz for the ‘zine and the site.

Now, there’s no money in this, but it’s a great zine, and the folks who contribute are amazing writers. It’s also really good exposure. I mean, this isn’t just a neat blog with a magazine layout. The cover interview for the current issue, for example, is Deborah Harry. How cool is that?

I’m really excited because it means I’ll get to know Deb and the other contributors better, and because it will force me to submit stuff, and do stuff, and not hide behind my blog so much.

I’m also excited because I know a lot of the people reading this post are amazing writers, and this gives me an excuse to tell you to check out the site, and maybe contribute submissions of your own.

All Things Girl wants you!


More house stuff. I’ve found if I post it here, I remember it better.

I need to remind Fuzzy that we need to replace a bunch of the lights along the bathroom mirror. Half have blown bulbs and it makes the mirror feel all shadowy. Good bathroom lighting is crucial when one is dealing with hair and make-up.

As well, I want to find a mirror to put at the end of the tub. No, I’m not so narcissistic that I want to watch myself bathing. I want to line up a mirror with the bathroom mirror, which catches a reflection of the television, so I can watch movies while bathing.

Yes, I am that big a geek.

Flowery Future

We never managed to look at new carpeting for the hallways and stairs this weekend (though we may still, tomorrow) but I did manage to connect with our lawn guy to confirm that he did receive our new contract, and that he would come give a quote to clean up the back yard. It’s not horribly messy, or anything, but the ivy is taking over the deck, and the Texas-shaped stepping stones are no longer visible in the ground cover.

We’re also going to rip out the wooden planter that was built to disguise the pool machinery, and replace it with a brick planter, and eventually there will be colorful flowers in front of the arched window in the dining room that looks out to the street. This last is the simplest task on the list, but the one I’m most excited about.

As well, he’ll be cleaning out the undergrowth along the hedges, so hopefully the motion sensor lights that line the walkway will actually be able to function (though I think they need a new timing mechanism).

Am I spoiled that we have a lawn guy? Possibly. Is he worth what we pay him? Every penny.