I don’t often gush about online shopping but let me tell you why rocks.

First, there’s the fact that they offer books, music, dvd’s and all the cool electronic toys any of us could want at really good prices. It’s true that lots of other online stores do that, but most don’t also show you the going price for the item you’re looking at, and where you can get it. Not just, “average retail price is X” but “You can also get this at Target for X.” I like that they’re honest about these things, especially since their prices are usually the lowest of the bunch.

Then there’s the fact that they take multiple forms of payment: credit/debit cards, paypal, and google checkout, the latter of which nets you a $10 discount if you’re a first-time user. I’m all for saving $10 when I can.

The site itself is easy to navigate, and uses images and text as well as audio and video to display products. Users can even upload video reviews of the products they’ve ordered. Regular multimedia segments include Howie Mandel’s “What’s Shakin'” and Ryan Seacrest’s “Deal of the Week” both of which highlight specific offerings.

Another reason why rocks is that they offer free shipping, which is great if you’re buying a big-ticket item where shipping is usually based on weight.

I went there to browse through their camera offerings and found one I really like, and am about to order it. I’ll let you know if everything goes smoothly. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for anything from jewelry to sunglasses to flat screen dvds, check out

Tired. Cranky. Breathless.

Still sick, but brain is clearer even if head is not.

Downstairs furnace refusing to put out heat. Upstairs all toasty. Took a nap in guest room (warm, but mattress too firm) last night, and woke after 90 minutes feeling all hot and blistery again.

Came back down to 65-degree bedroom, and snuggled under five layers of covers (sheet, cotton blanket, bedspread, big cotton blanket, big ass comforter) and a heating pad, and slept fitfully.

Breathing would be nice.
Throat feels raw.

Have stopped taking expectorants because when you have chronic post-nasal drip coughing doesn’t expel mucus into your mouth so you can spit it out, but up above your soft palate so you slowly choke yourself to death. Benadryl seems to work best. Benadryl, ibuprofen, and lots of water.

Haven’t really rested. So. Fucking. Tired.
Going back under the blankets now.

Carry on.