Tired. Cranky. Breathless.

Still sick, but brain is clearer even if head is not.

Downstairs furnace refusing to put out heat. Upstairs all toasty. Took a nap in guest room (warm, but mattress too firm) last night, and woke after 90 minutes feeling all hot and blistery again.

Came back down to 65-degree bedroom, and snuggled under five layers of covers (sheet, cotton blanket, bedspread, big cotton blanket, big ass comforter) and a heating pad, and slept fitfully.

Breathing would be nice.
Throat feels raw.

Have stopped taking expectorants because when you have chronic post-nasal drip coughing doesn’t expel mucus into your mouth so you can spit it out, but up above your soft palate so you slowly choke yourself to death. Benadryl seems to work best. Benadryl, ibuprofen, and lots of water.

Haven’t really rested. So. Fucking. Tired.
Going back under the blankets now.

Carry on.

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