The Sun Was Warm

…on my shoulders and feet when I escorted the dogs into the back yard this morning, despite the fact that told me it was only 44 degrees, but then later when we went for our walk (the long block, but at a more measured pace than before Zorro’s pneumonia, I was a bit annoyed at Miss Cleo for barking her head off and demanding to go Out when I had just stepped into the laundry room to get something from the dryer.

I’d snapped leashes onto them without pausing to grab a jacket you see, and while by then the temperature had increased a lot, it was only warm in the sun when we were still. When actually moving, the wind made it more than a little chilly.

But at least Zorro made it through the walk with his happy tail showing the whole time, and no coughing.

Dental surgery is on Friday. He’s a fighter. I hope he wins.