Today I

It may be 2:23 in the morning, but it’s still Friday night til I go to bed.

Today, I:
– wrote a thousand word article about health spending accounts for work, and didn’t even go batty from citing IRS codes.
– ate half of a mandarin chicken salad from Wendy’s, and then couldn’t eat any more, while watching the season two episode of Angel called “Darla.”
– wrote a 700+-word piece of flash-fiction and submitted it to the current writing contest at TheNovelette. I can’t post it anywhere public, but if you really want to read it, I’ll email the word doc.
– whined a lot about my head and ear hurting, took a long nap in the afternoon, and had a medicinal cinnamon dolce latte.
– spent a pleasant hour playing “fetch” with Fuzzy and Miss Cleo, who told us very clearly she wanted to play with the Special Toy in the Closet.
– watched the movie “Suburban Girl,” with Sarah Michelle Gellar and Alec Baldwin. It was quirky, and charming, but not stellar.
– cuddled Zorro dog for twenty minutes, then accused him of smelling like an animal and threatened to bathe him.
– posted the new prompts for Cafe Writing.

So, what did YOU do today?