Happy Valentine’s Day

I’m a big fan of Nero Wolfe mysteries, so when Fuzzy brought me an orchid last night, I was tickled. He doesn’t know the connection, just thought it was pretty and interesting. He’s so sweet.

We’re not going out tonight, as we have to bring Zorro to the vet at dawn. Instead, I’m making Fuzzy’s favorite scary foods (meatloaf and green beans) and we’ll watch Smallville and Lost, and light a fire. Sometimes staying in and being all cozy with blankets on the couch is really the best way to celebrate.

Last year, in honor of the day, I posted my favorite Valentine’s Day poem, John Fuller’s “Valentine.” I’m too lazy – and busy – this morning to cut and paste, but the link is here: John Fuller Said It Best.

Have a happy day full of love and joy.
And chocolate.