Did I mention that I got a bag full of free books today (and learned, in the process, that I am not the only person who reuses those nifty little Starbucks bags)?

There are three rules I have when it comes to reading:
1) Read something every day, even if it’s just a blog entry, an article in a magazine, or a chapter of whatever book is in the bathroom.
2) Read a little bit of everything: comedy, drama, chick-lit, serious fiction, biographies, non-fiction…it’s all good, and limiting yourself never is.
3) Never, ever turn down free books.

The unwritten fourth rule of books is to share what you read – either by passing books along to others or writing reviews. The bag I got from Deb this afternoon comes with the requirement that most be reviewed for All Things Girl, either the ‘zine or the blog, and I’m really excited about doing so.

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3 thoughts on “Bookish?

  1. Mmm books. One of my faves was passed onto me by Deb, it’s even a movie now. . . I can’t think of the title. I hate forgettful memories!! My faves are chick lit & romance & general fiction as long as it isn’t horrific/suspensful/too overly sad. haha

  2. Books are great, free books are even better.

    I’m so thankful to see your “reading” philosophy. I can’t stand it when people say “Oh, I don’t read…” or “I only read sci-fi/Danielle Steel/Nicholas Sparks/Harry Potter or whatever.”

    Kudos to you

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