Helen Mirren Rocks My World

Last night after my hair appointment and weekly book-buying extravaganza, we debated the options for dinner, finally ending up at Highlands of Arlington, where we were going to pick a restaurant until I said, “Let’s see what’s playing at Studio Movie Grill.” It was just after six, and there was a showing of National Treasure 2 at seven, so we decided to stick around, since it was a movie we both wanted to see.

We sat and read for about half an hour, until they opened the auditorium for us, and honestly, it was nice to spend some time together that didn’t involve one or more devices attached to fiber optic cables. We spend so many of our waking hours plugged in that being unplugged, awake, and out in public feels like a date, or a treat.

As for the movie, well, I would have happily skipped the Goofy trailer at the beginning, as I hate animation, and am not a particular fan of Disney characters, and I would have preferred previews for other films, but the feature was entertaining enough to keep me interested for the duration. Yes, it moves a bit slower than the first. Yes, some of the plot twists are preposterous and there were plot holes deeper than the grand canyon, but it’s fiction, and it’s fun, and the whole point of such movies is that you are supposed to suspend disbelief.

Nicholas Cage is showing his age a bit, but I still find him likable in parts like this. Helen Mirren, as Ben Gates mother rocked my world. I know she can do drama (The Queen) and darker comedy (Calendar Girls), and of course I’ve watched her in various PBS offerings forever, but she was pure delight in this adventure comedy, playing just the right notes, and doing a credible American accent.

If you haven’t seen this movie, and want something fun and lighthearted, I recommend it.
Goes well with a burger and a beer.

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  1. I adore Helen Mirren! But is Calendar Girls really dark comedy? I thought it was a harmless bit of fun, with nothing dark about it.

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