Contest! Fiction!

Got your attention? Super.

I’m all about pimping sites that I frequent, or that I think offer something beneficial to the community of folks who want to write, so let me tell you about The Novelette. This website features an ongoing novel about four women who aren’t all that unlike women you may know, and it’s updated in small chunks, about 500 words at a time. As they describe it on their site:

Four ongoing novelettes delivered in daily installments of about 500 words. Four women’s lives – Kitty, Joellen, Alva, and Isabel – unfold like a mystery story. If you like reading women’s stories, this serialized fiction is made to order.

In addition to that, they feature writing contests. The word counts are short, so that voters can read them in a single sitting – the max is 750 words – and each contest has a general theme. Last time it was babies. Right now, it’s travel.

Speaking of which, I’m a contestant! My submission is called “Rest-roominations,” (Yes, that’s a pun. Yes, puns are the lowest form of humor. Deal with it.) and you can read it here. Please visit – and vote for me.

You should also consider submitting your own piece.

Rest-roominations at The Novelette

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