Today was one of those Arthur Dent-esque, stayed in pajamas, worked from bed types of days. Other people call such days Thursdays, but this was a weird Thursday even for me.

I went to bed at 1:30 on Halloween night, after thinking about it for an hour and a half, then was up at six-thirty. I’d finished most of work for the day by nine, but was feeling tired and sick, so went back to bed, waking again around noon. Checked in with work again, had lunch, had tea, nibbled on pumpkin seeds, looked outside and saw that it was gray. November should be gray, I think.

I tried to write for another three hours, largely unsuccessfully, because I couldn’t focus. I researched the article I thought I was going to write, then, once Fuzzy was up (he’s been working 1-ish in the afternoon to 8-ish in the morning all week because of odd maintenance windows), retreated to bed, where the magic pillows gave me the ability to write once more. Finished the article. Vegged out for an hour and a half. Took a shower, washed and deep-conditioned my hair. The water is no longer running pink, but the soap lather is pink when I shampoo, faintly. Then, because I wanted to soak away the shoulder tension, I took a bubble bath. I meant to read but ended up just lounging. Note: baths are not as relaxing when a small dog is sitting on the tub-step staring at you.

Cat-napped for another hour, ordered pizza and read fanfic while waiting for it, then watched Smallville with Fuzzy. Came back to the bedroom when he went back to work, and am still sitting in here now, with two small dogs, a billion pillows, and tivo’d ER.

Tomorrow will be Friday.
I might actually put real clothes on.

If I don’t still feel icky.

Price Busting

I have a lot of friends who aren’t in the US, and get really tired of so much of the web being US-centric when it comes to auctions, cheap travel, and price comparison. I mean, we had Amazon first, Ebay lives here, and we’ve also got tons of things like Overstock and Mercado. For this reason, when I hear about ways that my foreign friends can find cheap prices on, say, the latest mp3 players, I’m happy to share.

One such site, one with a great name, is SaveBuckets. It’s not an auction house or a direct etailer, but a price-watch service that searches for the lowest price available for whatever product you’re looking for, then tells you where to find it. You can set a maximum, and the site will auto-generate an email for you when your criteria is met (the price of whatever you’re looking for drops below that maximum), or you can tell it to track items only at known stores. Either way, you’re guaranteed a low price on the hottest consumer electronics, including laptops.

The site is based in the UK, and all prices are in British pounds, and it must be making quite the splash, because it even rated a spot on Channel 4 news recently.

I’ve taken a look at the site, and run some searches just for the sake of testing it, and I like the interface – it’s simple and easy, and pretty reliable. It seems pretty obvious that users of SaveBuckets will, well, save buckets of cash.

Friday Fill-in #44

1. Shopping is my favorite form of therapy.

2. If you get my voice mail you’ll hear
me asking you to leave your number even if you think I have it. Frankly, I think this should be done automatically, in case whomever you’re calling doesn’t have access to a method of looking up your number.

3. My favorite product EVER is
extremely variable. But right now I’m digging Zebra retractable roller ball pens, and Possets Frou-Frou perfume

4. I see something
blinking. It’s the light in the UVerse descrambler.

5. When I’m grumpy
it usually means I’m either hungry, or caffeine-deprived. Jamba Juice orange dream machine smoothies generally help. As does pretty much anything from Starbucks.

6. Having conversations with fictional characters while I’m workingis my strangest habit. Thankfully, only the dogs generally hear me.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight (Friday) I’m looking forward to Moonlight and Stargate Atlantis, tomorrow (Saturday) my plans include new sneakers, or maybe a trip to the zoo, and Sunday, I want to replenish the groceries – we’re almost out of everything we use daily – and get some writing done!

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Unconscious Mutterings #247

I say… And you think… ?

  1. Inaugural :: Address
  2. Pledge :: Break
  3. String :: Theory
  4. Trot :: Canter
  5. Fitness :: Center
  6. Cinder :: Ella
  7. Edge :: of Sanity
  8. 31 :: Flavors
  9. Blue :: Velvet
  10. Leather :: English

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I haven’t done this meme in a long time – seven weeks I think. I miss it. It always gets my mental juices flowing, which is never a bad thing. Ever.

One Size Fits All

Over lunch today I caught up with the last two (ever) episodes of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, actually getting teary-eyed over the father-son reunion that took place during the final episode. I also had to laugh, however, because Carson was pitching gift cards as the best present to get when you’re not completely certain of someone’s taste.

I’m not one to argue with Carson Kressley, but even if I were, I wouldn’t argue with his assessment of gift cards. Not only do they always fit, and always come in the right color, but the ability to buy gift cards for stores as varied as Nordstrom and The Sharper Image has saved my life – or at least my sanity – more than once.

One year, when, as an experiment I did all of my Christmas shopping online in two hours, I was even able to buy gift cards online, something I still do throughout the year, when I want to spring a surprise on my friends, or offer a giveaway on my blog.

Now, I realize that it’s only November 1st, but let me tell you, it’s never too early to buy a gift card. Carson says so.

Sounds of Saturn

No, it’s not a pastiche of a Simon and Garfunkel song. Rather, it’s something I got from KRADICAL at LiveJournal.

The Cassini probe of Saturn has been recording radio emissions from Saturn, which appear to be from auroral activity around the poles. The wonderful folks at the JPL have taken the radio emissions, time-compressed them, and dropped the frequencies to bring them down into human hearing range.

Click on this link to hear it.