Price Busting

I have a lot of friends who aren’t in the US, and get really tired of so much of the web being US-centric when it comes to auctions, cheap travel, and price comparison. I mean, we had Amazon first, Ebay lives here, and we’ve also got tons of things like Overstock and Mercado. For this reason, when I hear about ways that my foreign friends can find cheap prices on, say, the latest mp3 players, I’m happy to share.

One such site, one with a great name, is SaveBuckets. It’s not an auction house or a direct etailer, but a price-watch service that searches for the lowest price available for whatever product you’re looking for, then tells you where to find it. You can set a maximum, and the site will auto-generate an email for you when your criteria is met (the price of whatever you’re looking for drops below that maximum), or you can tell it to track items only at known stores. Either way, you’re guaranteed a low price on the hottest consumer electronics, including laptops.

The site is based in the UK, and all prices are in British pounds, and it must be making quite the splash, because it even rated a spot on Channel 4 news recently.

I’ve taken a look at the site, and run some searches just for the sake of testing it, and I like the interface – it’s simple and easy, and pretty reliable. It seems pretty obvious that users of SaveBuckets will, well, save buckets of cash.