Friday Fill-in #44

1. Shopping is my favorite form of therapy.

2. If you get my voice mail you’ll hear
me asking you to leave your number even if you think I have it. Frankly, I think this should be done automatically, in case whomever you’re calling doesn’t have access to a method of looking up your number.

3. My favorite product EVER is
extremely variable. But right now I’m digging Zebra retractable roller ball pens, and Possets Frou-Frou perfume

4. I see something
blinking. It’s the light in the UVerse descrambler.

5. When I’m grumpy
it usually means I’m either hungry, or caffeine-deprived. Jamba Juice orange dream machine smoothies generally help. As does pretty much anything from Starbucks.

6. Having conversations with fictional characters while I’m workingis my strangest habit. Thankfully, only the dogs generally hear me.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight (Friday) I’m looking forward to Moonlight and Stargate Atlantis, tomorrow (Saturday) my plans include new sneakers, or maybe a trip to the zoo, and Sunday, I want to replenish the groceries – we’re almost out of everything we use daily – and get some writing done!

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3 thoughts on “Friday Fill-in #44

  1. Thanks for playing; it made me smile.

    I’m really digging Moonlight…there’s something about the chemistry between the vamp & the reporter ;-)

    Where are your Snape stories??? I just went to see them…and they’re gone! I was going to rib you about not writing any for awhile…as the female character (re: #6).

  2. I especially hate it when the caller is calling me on my work phone and assumes I know who he or she is and so doesn’t leave a name. I may recognize the voice, but I talk to so many people at work, it’s possible I might not.

    Have a good weekend!

  3. Oooh another Moonlight fan here too? So glad my 11 year old & I are not alone, maybe it won’t get canceled!
    Enjoy your weekend.

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