NaNotes: Doom, Destruction, and Dark Chocolate

First, I’m cheating at NaNo. I’m using it to finish the concept I’ve been playing with and had hoped to have done by mid-October, but then had to put aside because of work.

I’ve since learned to balance work and life better. So I’m using November to write the draft, and am bringing it in pieces to Mexico, where my step-father, who wields the Red Pen of Doom and the Blue Pencil of Destruction with equal prowess, will help me create order out of chaos.

No, really.

Those of you who’ve agreed to read it will be contacted after whatever December holiday you choose to celebrate, or the first of the new calendar year, and be asked if you’re still interested in receiving a draft.

Please offer much encouragement. I have many days when I wake up feeling like every word I write is completely suckful. Coffee and flowers are welcome as well. Please do not send chocolate, as I’ve lost almost 30 pounds so far, and am still working on the project that is ME.

Well, maybe a little bit of chocolate.
The really dark kind.

Fragments are available at Universal Blend. Comments are welcome, but please be aware that everything there is completely raw, completely unedited, has no continuity yet, and is in no semblance of order.

Oh, and, as I just tallied for The Fabulous Clay, I have SIX other projects in the works after this one…

Thank you for your time and consideration.