“Roughing It” Has Nothing to Do with Texture

Last night, chatting with the Divine Ms. J, she mentioned that she planned to go backpacking through Europe with friends next spring. “They’re good at it,” she said, “they have all the necessary camping gear, and everything.”

I know that this is supposed to be a romantic thing – backpacking through the woods, hiking around foreign countries, meeting people and staying in hostels, but the thing is, to me it sounds utterly awful. Give me a hot shower and a tour bus with a bathroom. Give me indoor plumbing and soft cotton sheets.

Don’t get me wrong. I like nature – I do. I prefer it to be aquatic, however, not woodsy. Also, I have no desire to sleep with it. I’ve often said that my idea of roughing it is a hotel without room service. And I repeated this to Julia during our conversation.

She laughed, and said she liked to try new things.

So do I, actually.
I just prefer them to end after dinner, and include indoor sleeping accommodations. And free wifi.

Still, I have to admit, I like camping stores. I like the smell of leather boots and suede jackets, and I think hunters’ caps are hot on the right guy. (So is flannel, if it’s woodsman flannel, and not unwashed geek flannel.)

It’s just…if I want to sleep in a tent, it will be the kind that is built from pillows and blankets and is located on the living room floor.

Shopaholics Anonymous

There seriously needs to be some kind of addiction treatment for shopping.

I blame Julia, actually, because even though I was oh-so-good during her shopping extravaganza on Sunday, today saw me backsliding with a vengeance.

It began with eyebrow waxing at eleven, and was followed by a trip to Barnes and Nobel, except shiny stuff at LB caught my eyes, and I needed tights for this new dress I bought, so I walked in for tights and walked out with two pair of black tights and two pair of jeans, and oh, yes, I still went to B&N where I bought five gift cards, two magazines, and a grilled cheese panini. Oh, and a mocha. Of course.

Then Julia wanted to check out LB as well, and as well as buying a cute jacket-style top, she surprised ME with new Christmas pajamas. “Naughty Girls Get Better Presents.” Indeed.

And did I mention that I also bought shampoo at the salon? (Well, I was out. And technically hair care products don’t count. No, really, they don’t.)

And y’all thought my COFFEE habit was bad!