Shopaholics Anonymous

There seriously needs to be some kind of addiction treatment for shopping.

I blame Julia, actually, because even though I was oh-so-good during her shopping extravaganza on Sunday, today saw me backsliding with a vengeance.

It began with eyebrow waxing at eleven, and was followed by a trip to Barnes and Nobel, except shiny stuff at LB caught my eyes, and I needed tights for this new dress I bought, so I walked in for tights and walked out with two pair of black tights and two pair of jeans, and oh, yes, I still went to B&N where I bought five gift cards, two magazines, and a grilled cheese panini. Oh, and a mocha. Of course.

Then Julia wanted to check out LB as well, and as well as buying a cute jacket-style top, she surprised ME with new Christmas pajamas. “Naughty Girls Get Better Presents.” Indeed.

And did I mention that I also bought shampoo at the salon? (Well, I was out. And technically hair care products don’t count. No, really, they don’t.)

And y’all thought my COFFEE habit was bad!