Mega-weekend Wrapup Thing

My trend of not blogging on weekends continues. Actually I haven’t done any writing since Wednesday afternoon, except for work, and I’m behind with that but only a little, and will make it up in the morning.

I’m still not feeling terribly writey, though I have a bunch of things to write about – like a new turtleneck, the fact that I bought the Project Runway dress from Sarah Jessica Parker’s BITTEN line, and this wine I was sent to try – but not tonight. Tonight, you get bullet points.

– Thanksgiving: Quiet, but pleasant. We puttered, napped, read, and nibbled on our turkey and stuffing from Tom Thumb. It wasn’t my family recipe, but the cranberry sauce was quite tasty, my pies rocked the house (even if I did manage to get pumpkin custard in my hair), and we had snow. Okay, it was technical snow only, no stickage or anything, but still. White flakes fell from the sky.

– Black Friday: We hadn’t planned to go out at ALL that day, but when we unpacked the Christmas tree, which is pre-lit, half the lights didn’t work. Fuzzy changed fuses, and went through every bulb, and what was weird was that the lights were out in chunks between sections of the SAME STRINGS that were working fine. So we went to Target in the afternoon to buy a new prelit tree, since restringing the other was not worth the trouble. And since we were out, Fuzzy got his Christmas present early: An Xbox 360 Holiday Bundle (he has since suggested that what *I* want for Christmas is my very own controller. In pink, of course. He is wrong. This is not on my list at all.) While at Target, we also picked up some Christmas foo for various friends.

– Saturday: The Divine Ms. J arrived mid-afternoon, and we greeted her with twinkling lights in the hedges, gentle hugs, and warm food, followed by pie. We hung out that evening, eventually attempting to go see Prairie Lights, but the rain caused them to be powerless, so we went to dinner instead, then came home and watched Transformers on DVD.

– Sunday: Julia convinced us to go shopping. At a mall. I don’t do malls, generally, and bought NOTHING, actually, but it was fun watching her shop for her husband and returning soldiers. Note: The sales clerks at Hollister in The Parks mall in Arlington are awful, and the store itself is dark and creepy with fake trees in odd places, and too little lighting. However, Shiraz and Coby at the Banana Republic in the same mall are adorable and sweet, if grammatically challenged. I have done my mall quota for the rest of the decade, thank you. No, wait, I did spend $75 on BITTEN clothes at Steve & Barry. (Two sweaters, one pair of “goal” jeans, and the Project Runway dress). I might be willing to return to said mall JUST for that store, but only if we enter through the doors near the ice rink, so I can go directly there.

– Monday: Did research for work writing. Battled ants in the kitchen. Thankfully these ants are of the non-fiery variety. However, there were many, and the infested my butter cookies. Back to Target this evening for extra power cords and adapters for the lawn guys who come tomorrow to hang the lights on my roof. Yay roof. Pictures will follow Wednesday-ish.

– Christmas: My shopping is mostly complete. I need to finish buying little things for my soldiers, I need to buy stamps and fusible interfacing for my mother, and I’m waiting desperately for my step-father’s big present. As for ME, I’ve added a link to my Amazon wishlist in the sidebar here at Escribition. I don’t expect presents from anyone, but if you’re desperate to get me stuff, you should know what I like. (I’m also a fan of Possets and Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab as well as Aveda.)

– Decor: Tree is up, but not yet decorated. Fireplace is bedecked. Christmas is slowly infusing the house.

– Reading: Just finished Sex, Murder and a Double Latte by Kyra Davis. It was funny and interesting: mystery meets chick-lit. Next up is another mystery. Reviews will be on my book blog, Bibliotica soonish.

– Upcoming projects: Cafe Writing will have new prompts early on Saturday. My fellow fashionistas and I are continuing our commentary of this season of Project Runway over at Electric Tangerine. I’ve also just registered for the 2007 edition of Holidailies.

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