I just sat down to have a yogurt, because I was feeling lightheaded and spacey, but despite the fact that we never got to walkies today (there was dancing in the living room, and a rousing game of fetch, but…), it’s been a productive day. Three articles for work, plus news and a jump-start on a new article.

Tweaked a couple of things on the Project That Will Be Unveiled Tomorrow.

And now? Am trying to decide what to do with ground turkey. Probably turkey meatloaf because that way I’m not actively cooking late at night if Fuzzy’s estimate of how long he’ll be at work proves false.

I had more to say, but the brain is fried.

Happy Monday.

I Support the WGA

I felt it was important, even though the writing I do is for a web company and has nothing to do with residuals or anything like that, to show my support of the Writers Guild of America. Yes, their strike may mess up your entertainment options for a while, but that’s necessary sometimes. People deserve to have their work respected, and to be paid fairly for what they do.

That is all.

Support Writers